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Terms ANd Conditions

  • The word ‘Condition’ refers to the following basic terms and conditions of sale, as well as any specific terms and conditions agreed upon in writing by us.
  • “Contract” means any agreement between you and the Company for the sale of Goods.
  • “Goods” refers to the bundled items or services that we shall provide in compliance with these Terms.
  • “We” refers to 3D Plumbing, a company incorporated in England with registration number xxxxxx at 297A Fakenham Road, Norwich, Norfolk County, NR8 6EA. Vat no. 1111111.
  • You refers to the consumer wishing to buy the Goods from us, and ‘You’ must be interpreted appropriately.
Pricing and Offers

The 3D Plumbing staff works diligently to guarantee that all quoted prices and technical specifications are accurate at the time of purchase. However, we reserve the right to adjust the price to reflect any rise in our supplier’s prices or the implementation of any taxes or tariffs, or if the price stated for the items is incorrect due to a mistake or omission, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed. In this improbable scenario, we cannot be held liable for any errors at any time. Please be aware that your computer may show old pages from our website that have been kept in your computer’s memory from prior visits – it is imperative that you refresh your browser when visiting any pages on our website to see the most up-to-date prices and inventory. Any pricing modifications will be communicated and agreed upon prior to order acceptance.

Unless otherwise specified, further offers and voucher promotions from 3D Plumbing may only be used individually and not in conjunction with one another. This includes any reward, discount coupon, or discount associated with a trading account. Please note that if, prior to accepting your purchase, 3D Plumbing discovers that you are not eligible to use the code or do not fulfil any or all of the terms and conditions for a specific code’s usage, we have the right to refuse your order or process it without benefit or discount. Please note that discount coupons are only applicable to single goods, not those bundled in bundles or suites.

Using a manufacturer’s suggested retail price and the item’s current available price, or its prior sold as price, a percentage savings estimate may be determined. Please refer to supplemental pricing information for details on product prices following the conclusion of sale events. Typically, this is referred to as was: X. 3D Plumbing uses countdown clocks for a variety of promotions, including discount code additional offers that may begin and stop independently from product price decreases.

3D Plumbing has the right to revoke any promotion, including coupon codes and discounted prices, at any moment.

No promotional codes or supplementary coupons may be used to orders if Finance or another finance-based payment option is selected. Please note that any mention of free delivery* refers to free standard shipping.


We recognise that the Internet is founded on trust, thus security is our top concern. Our dedication to this will persist into the future. Your credit card information is sent to the bank’s secure servers during order processing. No card information is stored and no staff member has access to it. Our web server employs GEO, an independent third-party organisation that verifies the authenticity of our secure web server. Your credit card information is never sent over an insecure connection. Although certain customers may be eligible to get remarketing messages based on their browsing behaviour, the purpose of these messages is to make it easier for those consumers to locate the items they desire. These emails are sent by a third party using a cookie-based opt-in method; we do not collect or retain email addresses. If you get emails that you do not wish to receive, simply click “unsubscribe.”

Delivery and Pickup

On our Shipping and Returns page, you can find all shipping choices and costs. Please be aware that delivery schedules are best estimates and are subject to change as a result of seasonality, weather, and other unspecified variables. Every pricing includes tax. Unless you expressly request special delivery arrangements, you will be charged one price depending on the total weight of your purchase for orders containing numerous goods.

Our deliveries are typically handled by Royal Mail, UPS, or one of our pallet courier partners for big purchases. Once orders are received from our distribution centre, they are the responsibility of the drivers and employees. We are unable to provide drivers with particular delivery instructions, such as leaving things with neighbours or in sheds. We are also not liable for any delays experienced by couriers or delivery providers. In order to properly file a claim against the carrier in the event that products go missing, we must wait 30 days.

When your order arrives at your location, you will be able to inspect and sign for the items. We recommend a visual assessment of your order upon delivery for any visible damage and to confirm that all items bought are there. You are not required to inspect each item prior to signing for delivery.

Please do not retain your things for subsequent examination after you have received them, as you must tell us of any damaged, defective, or missing items within 48 hours of delivery through email or telephone, citing your ORD number as reference. Please inspect each box for damage upon opening. If we are alerted within the specified period, we will arrange for a replacement and pickup. In the event that a client has complied to the terms and conditions but nevertheless received erroneously supplied or damaged products, 3D Plumbing will replace the items at no cost. Please be aware that in certain instances, a courier will refuse to collect and we will be unable to arrange a collection, such as when shattered glass or pottery is involved.

Upon signing, the risk of damage or loss is transferred to the customer, who also assumes responsibility for these items. We are not liable for any products received or unpacked by anybody other than the customer; thus, please make sure that the purchaser is present to inspect and sign for the delivery at the location provided.

Please do not install any broken things, as we are unable to repair or refund installed damaged items. If you discover that your items are damaged, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

When feasible, any damaged items must be returned in their original packing. If the item is determined to be defective or damaged, we are not liable for overseas purchasers’ shipping expenses. Product warranties that rely on British manufacturing standards or imply the end user has a British Standard water system are no longer eligible for overseas orders.

Please be aware that we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage experienced as a result of errors made by the customer during the checkout process, such as inputting wrong address information, so please double-check all information before placing your order.

If you fail to accept delivery on the agreed-upon date, we have the right to charge you for any further shipments.

We do not assume responsibility for any tradesperson fees, consequential loss, or reimbursement in any form until you have received and inspected the products in their whole. Delivery schedules are provided as approximations in good faith, but cannot be considered accurate or exact.

We will not be responsible for any plumbing fees, subsequent losses, or compensation.

Our out-of-stock goods are accompanied with an estimated delivery date. These are our suppliers’ expected dates, which are subject to change. We will notify you by phone or email when an out-of-stock item is back in stock, at which point you may choose your preferred delivery option.

Please note that if products are ordered over the weekend or a national holiday, the order date is considered the following accessible business day for delivery reasons.

When products are collected from the 3D Plumbing distribution centre, the appointed courier assumes responsibility for their delivery. We cannot be held liable for any delays incurred by the courier.

The client is responsible for disposing of delivery packing materials, such as pallets, for normal pallet deliveries; however, we offer delivery upgrades where pallets are disposed of as part of the delivery service.

Cancellation Protection

You may cancel your order before to shipment or within 30 working days of the delivery date by phoning us or providing written notification to the following address:

3D Plumbing 297A Fakenham Rd, Norwich, Norfolk County, NR8 6LE

or by contacting us at [email protected] with your purchase number in the subject line. Within 30 days, we will return the cost of the rejected item. Please send the item back to us within seven days of receiving the package containing the cancelled order.

This right of cancellation does not apply if the Goods have been created especially to your specifications or have been customised at your request.

After 30 days from the date on which you received the Goods, you will no longer be entitled to cancel the Contract. We may still provide a credit note for unopened items in their original packaging. Please contact us as soon as possible for a discussion.

If at all feasible, all items must be returned unopened and in their original packing. We cannot issue a refund for items that were damaged while in your possession.

You are responsible for arranging shipping and ensuring the safe return of any undesired products; we are not liable for any associated fees.

Guarantee And Responsibility

The majority of goods sold by 3D Plumbing come with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee; however, some manufacturers provide extended warranties, which will be stated on the product information page.


Please note that any orders submitted via our website or phone system are contingent upon 3D Plumbing’s acceptance of said order, at which point a contract is created and the items are shipped. Upon delivery, the customer acquires title to and ownership of the items. Considered the moment of order acceptance is the point of processing, selecting, and packaging at our warehouse or delivery centre.

All images on our website are the most accurate representations possible of the actual product and are for illustrative purposes only. All photographs are provided with the consent of the manufacturers or suppliers.

On occasion, the manufacturer may make minor modifications to a product’s appearance; as a result, the item/items you get may differ slightly from the image presented on the website. Due to the limitations of browser software and displays, the actual product colour may differ somewhat from its display on the website.

Due to the manufacturing, purchasing, and firing procedures, there are often some size, shape, colour, and pattern differences in tiles; consequently, the vendor is not liable. To decrease risk, we highly advise the Buyer, Tiler, or Tradesperson to utilise tiles from the same batch wherever feasible.

All items are contingent on stock availability at the time of purchase. While every effort will be taken to ensure that all goods displayed are in stock, we cannot guarantee their availability, nor does this electronic publishing represent a sales offer.

All listed prices include 20 percent VAT.

Please note that financing orders are only accessible to UK citizens older than 18 and younger than 80.

The Contract and Terms are governed by English law, and you consent to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Any notice required or permitted to be given by either party to the other under the Terms must be in writing, addressed to the other party, and delivered to the address provided at the time the order is confirmed, or any subsequent or alternative address that either party may notify to the other from time to time.

The terms of service do not impact your legal rights.

Vulnerable Customers


This paper describes our vulnerability policy, which was developed to prevent any potential negative impact on clients who are susceptible. A vulnerable consumer is an individual who, owing to personal circumstances, may be disadvantaged and requires us to take more steps while selling and supplying our service.


The goal of the Vulnerable Customer Policy is to articulate our approach to identifying and engaging with vulnerable customers and ensuring they are treated properly. Our objective is to guarantee that our products and services are accessible to all consumers in a manner that is suitable for them, taking into account the circumstances of each individual.


As a business, we recognise that certain individuals may be vulnerable, and as such, we must take individual situations into account. As not all consumer groups are vulnerable, we will evaluate the specific circumstances in which a possible vulnerability has been detected. A consumer may be at risk if they experience the following:

  • Communication challenges (including learning difficulties).
  • Physical and mental health concerns.
  • Reduced mental or physical capabilities.
  • A critical disease diagnosis to the client or close family member.

Personal circumstances of the consumer, such as financial troubles, loss of a loved one, caregiving obligations, or redundancy

Age, particularly among older and younger individuals, may be associated with inexperience and technological incompetence, respectively.

Policy Statement

We strive to treat every client as an individual, and when we communicate with you, we will consider your personal or unique circumstances. Our objective is to give our goods and services from 3D Plumbing to all of our clients and present them in a way that makes it simple for each client to make the best choice for them. Depending on the circumstances, if we are alerted of something that potentially put a client at risk, we may save the information securely for future reference. This is only true when we are explicitly informed of a vulnerability. This information will not be shared outside of, nor will it be stored permanently.