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The Vaillant Eco Tec mixture boiler is a state of the artwork equipment intended to give the person continuous warm water and heating as and when it is essential.

There are quite a few distinctive types to decide on from relying on what your requires possibly.

A common trouble that comes about more than time with most mixture boilers, and not just with Vaillant boilers is lack of sizzling drinking water. It commences off with the temperature modulating heading sizzling and chilly, at some point stopping entirely.

As we are talking about the Vaillant Eco Tec Boiler I will just take you via a couple of simple techniques to verify in advance of you contact in your local gasoline safe boiler engineer.

To start with we need to check out that boiler has adequate tension to do the job to heat the water. On the front of the boiler, commonly on the base proper facet you really should see a strain gauge, this need to read all over 1.2bar or just higher than the pink location into the grey area.

The tension can also be checked from the digital display window, push any button on the panel, the internal blue gentle will appear on, now push the button directly under the radiator image, you will now see a bar symbol, push the very same button yet again and you will see the electronic stress. This is an additional way to verify the force if you assume the gauge is not functioning appropriately.

If the force is right we now need to transfer on to the upcoming check out, open up a very hot water tap that is closest to the boiler, now test the boiler exhibit, a tap symbol must be exhibiting. If there is no tap symbol exhibiting then the aqua sensor perhaps at fault and will will need to be checked by a boiler engineer.

If the image is exhibiting then we know the boiler is in sizzling drinking water mode and the boiler should fire up to heat the h2o.

As the boiler is heating the drinking water you really should see the temperature on the show start to rise gently, if it rises pretty rapidly and the boiler then shuts down, the temperature really should tumble and the boiler will then start up all over again.

If this is going on to your Vaillant Eco Tec then the boiler is overheating and shutting down to stop any inside hurt. This problem is normally due to the very hot drinking water warmth exchanger becoming blocked or partially blocked with sludge.

If the above appears common with your boiler, whichever make it maybe, you will require to get in touch with a boiler engineer to exchange the warm water warmth exchanger, and to flush the technique out and then incorporate inhibitor to end this happening all over again.

An additional dilemma that occurs with lots of boilers and not just the Vaillant Eco Tec is the incredibly hot h2o only performs when the central heating is on. This trouble is commonly due to the diverter valve possibly becoming caught in the heating method or is faulty and will want to be changed.

All boilers whatsoever make or product these times will need to have regular routine maintenance, and a person of the significant checks that requirements to be carried out is to check out that technique has more than enough inhibitor in the drinking water. It truly is usually ideal to top rated the inhibitor up every time the yearly service is carried out. Inhibitor will avert sludge forming within just the program.

Sludge is the typical killer of incredibly hot drinking water heat exchangers in all would make of boilers and not just the Vaillant Eco Tec.

All boilers if taken care of correctly need to be difficulty cost-free, but at times points do take place. All-around 90% of boiler breakdowns are ordinarily owing to other faults and not the boiler. They shut down to protect by themselves from hurt.

If you are commencing to experience problems with your sizzling h2o that is heated by way of a combination boiler, I would recommend you to phone somebody in to test the boiler more than, never go away it way too extended as it could become very high priced to repair service.

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