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What is the correct system of cat litter disposal? If your cat is not litter experienced, the solution is straightforward – clean up up the poop with tissue paper and flush it, mop up the pee with extra tissue paper and flush it. But what do you do just after your cat does its organization in the litter box? Can you even now get rid of it the exact way – is the cat litter flushable?

That is dependent on whether or not it is pee or feces, and what type of cat litter you are making use of. If you use sand for your cat’s litter box, you really should not flush it. Even however not significantly sand will adhere to the cat poop, your toilet will choke up in the long operate. The same goes for the other two major types of litter: clay cat litter and clumping cat litter. The plumber’s bill to unclog your pipes will bankrupt you.

If you use crystal litter, which is made of silica gel, your job of cat litter disposal is slightly easier. Crystal cat litter absorbs cat urine into itself devoid of clumping, so it is flushable in smaller quantities. Not considerably sticks to the cat poop both, so you can also flush that down the bathroom. Having said that, it is nevertheless not adviseable to do this on a regular basis in the very long run.

As for biodegradable cat litter, that is dependent. Some of them are produced of instead big pellets which might also choke up your plumbing. Other individuals are designed of wood, or sawdust and could go via without the need of any complications. However, if you have a septic tank, know that these materials do not essentially degrade promptly. We could be chatting about several years – which could induce your septic tank to become relatively whole. Somehow, the assumed of made use of litter and cat poop coming out of my backed up drains leaves me with a cold sweat.

Some producers have started to make flushable cat litter, in the experience of calls for much more advantage. Naturally, these flushable cat litter fees far more. To make cat litter flushable, they use many biodegradable elements which are meant to safely go via your plumbing. These newer forms of cat litter will not convert into a sludge which can choke up your sewage pipes – in idea. Some plumbers beg to vary. In the training course of their enterprise, they have gone to residences in which the sewage pipes and plumbing had been choked up by flushable cat litter. Or so the humiliated and distressed residence occupant claimed. Who is lying, in this article? I do not know, but it is in all probability not adviseable to flush substantial quantities of litter down the bathroom.

It is continue to improved to dispose of the bulk of your cat’s litter the outdated way – either bagged up together with the relaxation of your trash or cautiously buried somewhere in the backyard garden. In the backyard, your cat’s urine and feces would make a superior fertilizer for your grass and bouquets. Cat urine and feces can comprise harmful micro organism, so you should not use it to fertilize greens and fruit trees.

I will have to confess that a genuine flushable cat litter would be awfully effortless when it is snowing or raining closely. It would actually simplify cat litter disposal.

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